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Spotted Monkey: Latin-Asian Fusion in The Loop via Zagat

Five Spice Duck Baco

By Sarah Freeman | December 17, 2015

Master of fusion foods Amy Le is at it again with her second restaurant, Spotted Monkey. Following her first restaurant Saucy Porka and defunct food truck Duck ‘n’ Roll, she dives deeper into the intersection of Latin and Asian cuisines.

The menu features her signature bacos (bao meets taco) stuffed with shrimp, duck, chicken, beef or pork as well as new items such as Picadillo, a traditional cumin-spiced ground beef and potato stew; Phozole, a hybrid of a Mexican pozole and Vietnamese pho; and Guatemalan donuts, an empanada-like pastry made from mashed plantains and filled with red bean paste, banana-Nutella or guava jam. The breakfast-and-lunch-only spot offers Vietnamese coffee, seasonal lemonade and sweet Jamaica-flower-based beverage to drink.

The 30-seat space takes a cue from 1950s and 1960s Havana with wood-and-metal signs and hand-painted monkey pictures as well as a collage of woven potholders, placemats and plates on the wall across from the open kitchen. The rustic and colorful decor is meant to capture a homey and informal atmosphere to offer an escape from the boring office lunch.

Spotted Monkey is now open Monday though Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM.

335 S. Franklin St.; 312-285-2303 

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