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Foodable TV’s Q&A with Spotted Monkey’s Amy Le about her journey from ‪Foodtruck‬ to brick-and-mortar!

It might seem like a big leap to go from journalist and social media/public relations professional to a food truck owner, but for Chicagoan Amy Le, it makes perfect sense. “To me, journalists are historians and storytellers,” says Le, who quit her social media gig at GrubHub to launch the Duck N Roll food truck a few years ago. “As a chef, I still get to record history and share stories. But now I do it through my food.”

Le’s background helped with building her brand.

“My social media and PR skills taught me how to share these stories on a wider platform (FB, Instagram, Twitter, TV, newspaper, blogs, print, etc.). As a food truck owner, I was always faced with lots of unique challenges (tight working quarters, daily parking, how to attract new customers, etc.). These challenges taught me how to think quickly on my feet and to be creative at problem solving.”

“However, the thread that weaves my professional journey together is my passion to connect with people. I love meeting people and I love sharing ideas, stories and food.”

In 2013, Le realized she could have more financial stability with a brick-and-mortar versus a food truck, and opened Saucy Porka in the Loop. She also just recently opened Spotted Monkey. The busy restaurateur took some time out to talk about Chicago’s food truck scene, what it’s like to work with your partner, and how it’s possible to have nights and weekends off when you own a restaurant: Read more….

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